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  • What is direct marketing?
  • Why you receive direct marketing
  • How to stop direct marketing
What is direct marketing?
Direct marketing is the communication to a particular individual of any advertising or marketing material. Direct marketing includes marketing by post, phone, e-mail, fax, and Text. The ICO's policy team has also confirmed that both targeted and generic advertising banners appearing within an individual's logged-in pages of a website also constitues direct marketing. More
Why you receive direct marketing

If you're being bombarded with unexpected marketing from a legitimate UK company then the likely cause is the failure by that organisation to comply with your rights as a data subject. Financial services companies and employment agencies seem to be particularly ignorant of their obligations as data controllers.


How to stop direct marketing?

Without doubt, the best way to stop a company from sending you any and all direct marketing is to submit a section 11 DPA request and ask them to cease processing your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing. More

Halfords' e-Receipt service: a delivery system for marketing e-mails?
Unsolicited electronic marketing by default may prove costly for UK companies as the ICO tells...

Morrisons bind us to their data processing for no apparent reason
Morrisons Commercial Lawyer is unable to identify a single valid benefit that either party gains from being...

The Marketing Chain of Misery
Do you know how many times your personal information has been traded in the past 12 months? You should do, because it's unlikely that...


Heavens Recruitment Ltd
Oh look, another employment agency that scraped my profile from LinkedIn, created a likely e-mail address for me at work and used it to promote their servi...

Nigel Frank confuses the ICO's Criminal Investigation Team
It would appear that the ICO's Enforcement Team are just has happy to dish out unfounded nonsense as...

Web Windows are a pane in the glass!
Web Windows Marketing Ltd obtained a couple of my e-mail addresses from Mailbanger and decided to use them to promote their...

NYS Corporate are unable to confirm when they created my account
This ex-government framework provider would have us believe that they manually record the date of when they create an...

Zine likely farmed my personal information from a public website
Zine Ltd - a digital marketing agency, likely farmed my information from a public domain register but failed to clarify how they...

The ICO confirms that the TPS is a waste of time
Is there any point in submitting a TPS complaint to the ICO when it's clear that the UK's Data Watchdog couldn't care less whether or not a company has a r...

Are the ICO's case officers deliberately supporting abuse of the DPA?
Evidence would suggest that the default position of the ICO in all but the simplest of cases, is to always support the company.

The Information Commissioner is likely to be "all talk" over pension pot abuse
Based on my experience of submitting many complaints to the ICO, it's not clear what the ICO can do.

Confusion reigns at ICO
That's not what the Commissioner means! Oh, actually, that is what he means. Actually, don't listen to him, that legislation is no longer valid. Durr!!!

Nigel Frank move into the takeaway business
Employment agency Nigel Frank lifted my information from LinkedIn without any thought to my rights as a data subject or the LinkedIn user agreement.

Dennis Publishing - a law unto themselves
Dennis Publishing, claims to have over a million customers who have agreed to receive indirect electronic marketing from third party companies...

Debenhams' misleading unsubscribe link
Do Debenhams require their customers to receive direct marketing - regardless, as a condition of using their Loyalty card?

Saying goodbye to AVG Internet Security
My two year subscription to AVG Internet Security has come to an end so I can finally say goodbye to the annoying pop-ups.

Sparta Telecom
Is 00020 10447154 registered to Sparta Telecom? I recieved a phone call from this international number and the caller claimed that they were from Sparta Te...

"Nuts!" to Squirrelsave online back up
I finally found a UK data controller that offers an encrypted online personal back up service only to discover that it wasn't worth the bother.

Barclaycard are doling out the dosh
Opt-out under section 11 of the DPA with Barclaycard for your chance of winning a £350 gesture of goodwill when they abuse your rights by sending you marke...

Are Millets failing to obtain consent?
Millets plan to send me marketing from them, from other companies within the JD Sports Fashion Group and from unknown third parties. Yet the only opt-out o...

Wiggletree fails to comply with Subject Access Request
Touting themselves as one of the UK's leading recruitment communities, Wiggletree fails to comply with my Subject Access Request.

Confused.com fails to clarify privacy policy status
I'm just trying to determine whether Confused.com's privacy policy constitutes a standard form civil contract or not. It's proving difficult.

The AA CEO disagrees with the ICO
Andrew Strong - CEO of the AA, has apologised for failing to comply with my request not to receive a renewal quote for insurance but disagrees with the ICO...

188BET failed to comply with my subject access request
188BET fails to clarify what data they hold about me, how they obtained it and what right they have to process it.

Can I have a Nectar Card without all the marketing?
I was in the process of registering for a Nectar card but decided to stop half way through because I wasn't happy with their privacy notice

Halfords apologise in the nicest possible way
Halfords offer to refund the cost of my order as a gesture of goodwill after confirming that they sent me electronic marketing by mistake.

How to stop receiving unaddressed letters and leaflets from the Royal Mail
The Royal Mail's voluntary system for allowing householders to opt-out of receiving unaddressed items by post raises a number of questions.

Amazon want £10 to stop sending marketing to your Kindle Fire
Not only do they operate Amazon.co.uk with a European-based data controller but now they want us to actually pay to opt-out of direct marketing.

The Labour Party fails to comply with section 11
How are they supposed to run a country when they don't seem to understand or care about the rights afforded their data subjects by the DPA98?

BBC's Click fails to warn viewers about potential risks to their data
Many of the websites reviewed by Click require the data subject to register with overseas data controllers and thus forgo their rights as UK data subjects.

Kindle Fire - Amazon's new advertising channel
Amazon's soon to be released Kindle Fire will serve you with advertising and marketing whether you like it or not, as there is no mechanism for opting out.

Appalling inconsistences at the ICO
An example of how a quite senior member of staff at the ICO can have a completely different opinion of direct marketing from that of his colleagues.

Moneysupermarket are so unwilling to provide me with answers
My recent experience of using the Moneysupermarket website has left me with a lot of questions about how they process personal data.

Capital One reluctantly complies with section 11
They've complied fully with my section 11 request but continue to argue that their customer management materials do not constitue direct marketing.

The ICO failed to act on TPS complaints
The ICO's Simon Entwisle said that his office has only recently been given the power to prosecute companies that failed to consult the TPS opt-out list.

The ICO struggles to understand civil law
The ICO seems to get confused over what impact civil law terms and conditions has on data protection laws and regulations, resulting in contradictory advic...

Barclays couldn't care less
Just listening to some of the news reports about Barclays and to me it's so easy to see why this libor scandal has been allowed to happen. I blame the gove...

McAfee farms personal data
Online security and antivirus company McAfee has taken to farming social network websites as a means of boosting its marketing database.

Cathedral Recruitment unable to identify data source
Employment agency targets me with electronic marketing but can only guess at how they obtained my personal e-mail address.

House of Fraser contravenes section 11
John King - Chairman of House of Fraser apologies for failing to comply with my Section 11 notice.

Which? fails to obtain consent
The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) concluded that the 'consumer champion' failed to obtain my consent to send me electronic marketing.

Comparethemarket contravenes section 11
A legal representative from Bglgroup, owners of www.comparethemarket.com, formally apologies to me for failing to comply with my Section 11 notice.

The National Lottery play by the rules
After referring the matter to their legal team, following my assurance that I would seek a court injunction if they failed to comply, The National Lottery ...